Our Story, Nuestra Historia

Hello everyone, our names are Giorgia and Clarissa.

(Giorgia P.)

Hello my name is Giorgia P. and I was born in Amsterdam, Holland a few years ago I moved to Spain in a little small island called Mallorca. I have always loved Fashion,  painting my nails and drawing.

Clarissa and I  had the idea of creating a fashion blog because we both love shopping, styling, and creating fashion looks.

Hello my name is Clarissa W. I was born in a small town in Mallorca.I always loved Shopping, Fashion, singing, dancing and acting.

Hola tod@s nuestros nombres son Clarissa y Giorgia.


Hola me llamo Giorgia.P, nací en Amsterdam, Holanda, y hace unos años me mudé a una isla llamada Mallorca, en España.  Siempre me ha gustado la moda, pintar, dibujar y hacerme las uñas.

A Clarissa y a mi nos vino la idea de hacer un blog porque a las dos nos fascina ir de compras y crear looks nuevos sin gastarnos una fortuna.


Hola me llamo Clarissa .W. y nací en un pequeño pueblo en Mallorca y siempre me ha gustado la moda, bailar cantar y actuar.

Clarissa and Giorgia

Retro photoshoot (Nico on the left is Clarissa’s brother, Giorgia is sitting next to him, and Clarissa wearing a little black dress) Photographer Mandy G.


4 thoughts on “Our Story, Nuestra Historia

  1. Hi, I got redirected to your blog from the community pool. I seen quite a few fashion blogs. Your blog looks really beautiful. A little more vibrant theme or background may work wonders. The blog looks really promising and well arranged. Looking forward to see more from you 🙂

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