Beauty Tips · January 2013

Stay Fresh

Hello everybody!

We are Giorgia and Clarissa and today we are going to give you some advice to stay FIT and to get a perfect skin.

First of all don’t be lazy, laziness is the biggest problem if you want to get fit and staying healthy

”Start today, not tomorrow”

Put on your best sport outfit and go jogging or do “CAPOEIRA”, Capoeira is a very good type of sport, lots of models practice it,what you should do is combining it with yoga. The thing is, that yoga is the most important thing that you could do after your workout because it streches all your muscles. If you want to know what Capoeira is just have a look in Youtube.

And if you want a perfect skin, remember not to touch your face all the time with your hands specially when they are dirty, beacuse you can spread bacteria and that can give you pimples.

The best oil that you can use is Almond-oil, any type of skin can use it. After that you could use “Penaten-cream” it’s the best cream for oily skins, and if you have dry skin you could try Aloe vera cream, the thing is that you should always use Natural products which are less expensive and give a perfect finish!

You can first do your workout and YOGA and after that some facial cleansing, Good luck everyone, and don’t forget ”Never be Lazy”


Photo by Mandy Godbehear


14 thoughts on “Stay Fresh

  1. very nice advices;) inspiring! I will make sure to follow them ;). Please if you have time take a look at my blog and follow me back. I am a beginner and would love to get some feedback. Thank you in advance. Have a lovely day. (

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